Below you will find a list of our partners. These are local Los Angeles organizations that we work with to provide support services to Native American Youth and Families. 



Tataviam American Indian Education Center

The Tataviam Tribe is taking an inclusive and comprehensive approach in this project, partnering with urban American Indian organizations and university programs to establish the Tataviam American Indian Education Center, in addition to providing needed services and programming.  The Tribe is committed towards generating a systematic change in the L.A. Urban Indian community, using education to foster healthy tribal communities.

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Southern California Indian Center

The History of Southern California Indian Center, Inc. is the history of urban American Indians in Souther California . He who forgets the past has no future and the present that is lost, without the past the guide us and the future to look forward. Let us do our best to remember and never forget the tall shoulders we stand upon. Please look at the links for the history of the Southern California Indian Center, Inc. and it's past leadership.

For more information visit their website. 


Autry Museum of the American West

The Autry brings together the stories of all peoples of the American West, connecting the past with the present to inspire our shared future. Located in beautiful Griffith Park, the Autry features world-class galleries filled with Native American art and artifacts, film memorabilia, historic firearms, paintings, and more.

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American Indian Community Council

American Indian Community Council was established in 1998. Today, AICC’s vision is to empower the Los Angeles American Indian community through leadership and self determination.

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United American Indian Involvement

Established in 1974, the United American Indian Involvement, Inc. (UAII) is a 501(c)3 private, non-profit organization offering a wide array of health and human services to American Indians/Alaskan Native (AIAN) living throughout Los Angeles County. UAII has grown from a small community-based organization providing social services to AIAN living in the Skid Row area within the City of Los Angeles, to a multidisciplinary comprehensive service center meeting the multiple needs of AIAN countywide.

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