LAUSD Title VI Indian Education Program Committee


LAUSD's Indian Education Program has a strong, supportive Parent Committee. We look forward to a close relationship with the parents of our children. We want to have an active and energetic Indian Ed Committee and would like to encourage all parents to join in and participate in the parent organization. The Indian Education Program Committee deals with many issues that concern the betterment of your child’s education. Please lend your support by becoming a member and supporting the activities through out the school year.

2018-2019 Program Committee Executive Officers

Chairperson – Celestina Castillo, Tohono O'odham

Vice Chair – Desiree Belone, Navajo, Ponca

Student Secretary – Kaya Wilson, Fort Yuma Quechan, Cocopa


The Indian Education Program Committee  holds an annual, general election for board members in June. Individuals interested in being a voting member need to attend at least three Program Committee meetings and be a guardian of an American Indian student, a LAUSD student in middle or high school, or a LAUSD teacher. If you would like to be involved with our Program Committee please contact the Indian Education office at 213.241.7034 or attend one of our monthly meetings to speak to our representatives.

A known factor in the promotion of student achievement is parent and community school participation. Indian Education Program legislation requires the establishment of a parent committee in districts with program funding. In the Los Angeles Unified School District, this committee is the Title VII Indian Education Program Committee. It is composed of parents and teachers of LAUSD Indian students, and student representatives. The committee works with the Program Advisor to assure effective operation, implementation and evaluation of the District’s Indian Education Program.

Program Committee Activities:

  • Election of Officers

  • Adoption of by-laws

  • Conducting regular business meetings

  • Guest speakers

  • Parent workshops

  • Preparation of grant applications

  • Public hearings

Parents of AI/AN students, teachers of American Indian students, and eligible AI/AN secondary students are invited to apply for voting membership. You must attend 3 meetings to be eligible.


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Title VII Program Committee Meeting Location:
 Autry Museum of the American West


6:00pm-6:30pm Potluck
6:30pm-8:00pm Business Meeting

IPC Bylaws